Sheri Fink

Author of Five Days at Memorial, New York Times Correspondent

Five Days at Memorial 

The helipad at Memorial Medical Center.  Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum

The helipad at Memorial Medical Center. Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum

Corrected Index

Due to a publishing production error, the first edition hardcover of Five Days at Memorial contained a faulty index with erroneous page numbers. Crown Publishing has now initiated a free, voluntary recall/replacement program for all libraries with copies of Five Days at Memorial. All printings prior to December 2013 (1st through 3rd) were affected, and you may request corrected copies of the book for your library. For more details and to make your library's request, please contact your wholesale distributor or Jacob Lewis, Crown publishing director: jalewis [at] randomhouse [dot] com.

Individual readers with affected copies of Five Days at Memorial may download a free, abbreviated index here.

Books with "New York Times Bestseller" printed on the cover already contain a corrected index.